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  • [EMSE'23] APR4Vul: An empirical study of automatic program repair techniques on real-world Java vulnerabilities.
    Quang-Cuong Bui, Ranindya Paramitha, Duc-Ly Vu, Fabio Massacci, Riccardo Scandariato.
    Empirical Software Engineering, Volume 29, Issue 1.
    (DOI | PDF | Code)

  • [ICSME'23] DockerCleaner: Automatic Repair of Security Smells in Dockerfiles.
    Quang-Cuong Bui, Malte Laukötter, Riccardo Scandariato.
    The 39th International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution, 2023.
    (DOI | PDF | Code)


  • [ISSTA'22] Maestro: A Platform for Benchmarking Automatic Program Repair Tools on Software Vulnerabilities.
    Eduard Pinconschi, Quang-Cuong Bui, Rui Abreu, Pedro Adão, Riccardo Scandariato.
    The 31st International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis, 2022.
    (DOI | PDF | Code)

  • [MSR'22] Vul4J: A Dataset of Reproducible Java Vulnerabilities Geared Towards the Study of Program Repair Techniques.
    Quang-Cuong Bui, Riccardo Scandariato, Nicolas Diaz Ferreyra.
    The 19th International Conference on Mining Software Repositories, 2022, with Best Data and Tool Showcase Paper Award.
    (DOI | PDF | Code)


  • Talk at ICSE 2024 for my APR4Vul paper, April 2024 (Lisbon, Portugal).
  • Talk at ICSME 2023 for my DockerCleaner paper, Oct 2023 (Bogota, Colombia).
  • Talk at MSR 2022 for my Vul4J paper, May 2022 (Virtually).